About the Podcasters

Andrew Sprague

Andrew-Headshot-01SizedAndrew hails from the great Midwest and has been a resident of Charleston, S.C., for more than 10 years. For well over two decades, Andrew has made a living as a graphic designer and managed to pickup a few awards for his efforts along the way.

Andrew has been an avid podcast listener since the mid-00s (shout out to the “Podfather” Adam Curry) and is over the moon to finally have a bite of the podcast apple.

In his free time, you will find Andrew staring blankly at a wall eagerly awaiting his chance to record the next episode of This Should Be A Podcast.




Ryan Wilcox

RyanHeadshotsizedRyan Wilcox is a professional creative director for SC Biz News by day and an amateur podcaster for This Should Be A Podcast by night (well, one night a week at least).

He just realized he’s obsessed with data and facts and unknowingly has made a career out of it. You’ll find him talking about data on the podcast that he googled right before recording for his yet to be named segment.

He is also owner and proprietor of Mickey’s Old Timey Tavern based in his garage.






Liz Segrist

Liz-HeadshotSizedLiz is a staff writer for the Charleston Regional Business Journal. She is a news junkie who believes journalism has a lot of fight left in it.

She made her way to the beautiful Holy City from St. Louis. (You’ll know this because she won’t stop talking about the Midwest city or its pizza on This Should Be A Podcast).

When she’s not busy writing stories or recording the next podcast episode — where she discusses whatever interests her that week — you can find her soaking up the outdoors or bombarding someone with entirely too many questions. Don’t sit next to her at a dinner party unless you’ve had a lot of coffee.