Episode 53 – Gone But Not Forgotten

So time has passed and they are still here, sort of. The gang (this time consisting of just Ryan and Andrew) take a moment to let their loyal listeners know what has become of their beloved “This Should Be A Podcast”. Let’s just say it ain’t pretty. But fear not as the guys do come bearing gifts. A rerelease of the much treasured and nearly award winning (had they actually submitted for any) Episode 28 – The tsbaPodcast Holiday Special. An episode that has been in the tsbaPocast vault since 2015.

So sit back, grab some nog and enjoy the retread of a holiday show. Let it be a balm so soothe the fact that tsbaPodcast is kaput.

And THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome intro and outtro music. And to Kevin Macleod for our reenactment music.

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