Episode 49 – The Art of it All w/ Nathan Durfee

Panda-Passes-the-Trying-TimesThis week the gang is joined by (once) local artist Nathan Durfee to talk art, mansplaining and trains. Nathan, who has been focal point of the Charleston art scene from many years, talks with the tsbaPodcast crew about his work and how he came to it. He also joins in the conversation about Charleston standing as an “art town.”

Liz then sheds some light on not only the thriving gallery and studio scene, but the vast culture of street art that exists around nearly every corner of the city. Ryan educates everyone on the origins of Charleston’s Gibbes Museum of Art and it’s direct connection to mass transit problems.

So sit back, fill up your brandy snifter, and prepare to get some culture.

And THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome intro and outtro music. And to Kevin Macleod for our reenactment music.


The gang with Nathan Durfee (2nd from left).
Tall Tales Among The Turns
A taste of Nathan’s work.

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