Episode 48 – The Headphones Come Off

Ep48ARTThis week the gang sits down with someone really special: you! Awwww, that is so sweet; they called you “special.” But truly, the focus is on their valued listeners, and it come with a call to action. Andrew, Liz and Ryan want to know who their valued listeners are and what makes them tick. They want to know what their listeners like about the podcast and what they don’t. Because Andrew, Liz and Ryan want to make sure they are building the best damned podcast they can.

So sit back, listen and enjoy, AND THEN jump on email (TheShow@ThisShouldBeAPodcast.com) or social media (@tsbaPodcast on twitter, facebook and instagram) and let them know your thoughts. Thanks!

And THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome music!

4 thoughts on “Episode 48 – The Headphones Come Off

  1. Think you are doing it right by keeping guests and programing in and around Charleston. Many other Pod’s out there covering all kinds of stuff. Stay with Charleston and stay unpretentious.

  2. I think you should stay as local as possible, that’s the main reason I listen. It wouldn’t be a big deal to look outside the city periodically, but I think the focus should be local. The types of guests do not matter – variety is good! And keep your current balance of serious and silly!

    1. Thank you Christian. We so appreciate your feedback. We totally agree that the “focus should be local”.

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