Episode 38 – The Fashionistas w/ Andrea Serrano

Ep38ShowArtThis week the gang is joined by very special guest Andrea Serrano of Charleston Shop Curator. When it comes to fashion in Charleston, Andrea truly has her finger on the pulse. And with Charleston Fashion Week less than a week away, the crew goes on a whirlwind journey of the fashion industry though Andrea’s colorful past. From Janet Jackson to the cast of Sex and the City and from Miami to Milan, Andrea has nearly seen it all.

The crew then shines a little light on the festivities of the coming week with some insight into the “what and where” of Charleston Fashion Week. Liz probes the history of the event while Ryan lets us know of the exclusive tent events going on, and he picks up a little fashion advice along the way.

So put on your finest threads, grab a flute of champagne, and listen in to get your very own Fashionista merit badge on this week’s episode of This Should Be A Podcast!

And THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome music!


The gang with Andrea Serrano (third from left).



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