Episode 37 – Fish Out of Water on a Bicycle w/ Kurt Cavanaugh

Ep37_ShowArtThis week the gang is joined by Kurt Cavanaugh, executive director of Charleston Moves, a nonprofit organization working to enhance conditions for biking and walking in Charleston County. We get to hear how Kurt’s story brought him from Michigan to New York, and now across the bridge from West Ashley into the peninsula.  We also get a glimpse into what’s in store for Charleston by way of safer streets and better biking transportation.

Then gang then turns the page to confess to some of the culture shock experienced by being “from off.” From ordering a “meat and three” to proper dress at the next USC game, Liz, Ryan, Andrew (and Kurt) share some personal stories of the splendor of living in a different culture then where you were raised. Ryan also offers up some solutions for all those coming to Charleston from far off lands and where to house them.

So once again, grab a seat and a Coke (or a pop … or a soda) and take it all in. Enjoy.

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome music!



The gang and Kurt Cavanaugh (far right).



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