TSBAP_Yellow_Logo_300x300Hey Fans and friend of fans of the podcast! We’ve moved, but you almost wouldn’t know it.
What does this mean? It means you need to go to iTunes and “unsubscribe” from the show AND THEN resubscribe to the other “This Should Be A Podcast” on iTunes (it’s the one that has an episode 32 in its lineup) – and don’t worry that the show’s logo isn’t there … it’s us, we promise. The artwork just hasn’t popped in with iTunes yet.
Once you’ve done that you are back in business BABY! And you won’t miss an episode.
And if you haven’t done so yet, check out episode 32 while you’re there! And leave us a comment too! HECK, why not rate the show to boot!
Sorry for all the jumping through hoops, and know that we hate to inconvenience you, but we would hate for you to miss any of the upcoming awesomeness! Great themes, phenomenal guests, and out and out engaging chat. Don’t miss out.

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