Episode 36 – The Brewvival Survival Guide w/ Chrys Rynearson and Timmons Pettigrew

ShowArtGet ready for a deep dive, listeners! This week the gang is joined by Chrys Rynearson and Timmons Pettigrew (co-creators of CHSBeer.org) to talk all about the upcoming Brewvival beer festival in Charleston and the activities surrounding it. They will also discuss the book written by Timmons with photography by Chrys, Charleston Beer: A High-Gravity History of Lowcountry Brewing.

Also our two Beer Bards will be challenged to a head to head taste test of local beers against our very own Liz and Andrew. Place your bets now. Liz then takes us on a tour around the world to hear how folks tend to their troublesome hangovers on other parts of the globe.

All in all, you’ll find no coverage of Charleston’s Brewvival more intense than what the gang lays out here in episode 36. So grab a note pad, because you’re gonna to want to take notes. Enjoy!

And for more hop-filled fun, check out Episode 14 – Loaded for Beer! and Episode 34 – Beards, Beers, and Bill (with Paul Roof)



The gang with Timmons Pettigrew (top left) and Chrys Rynearson (top right) enjoying an early Coast Boy King Imperial IPA
Some of the new cans from Coast Brewing, designed by Fuzzco.



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