Episode 32 – Among the Bendy People w/ Ashley Bell

BendyArtThis week the gang is joined by yoga teacher and all around great guest Ashley Bell. Ashley shares the story of what brought her to Charleston and why yoga has been a focal point for her over the years. She also shares her plans for the upcoming  yoga facility “Reverb” to be completed in the Pacific Box and Crate development of Charleston.

The crew also delves into the subject of “connectivity” in this modern digital age. And are we so connected that we don’t see the world around us. Far be it from us to say, “put down that iPhone!” at least until you’ve finished listening to the most current episode of tsbaPodcast. But when is it all too much?

So once again, sit back and enjoy the splendor of a calm and peaceful mind as you practice mindful, centered thinking. And for the love of Pete … put down your phone!


(l-r) Andrew, Liz, Ashley Bell, and Ryan
Getting our yoga on!

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