Episode 27 – A New Local Hope w/ Jordan Amaker

Ep27ArtThis week the gang is joined by special guest Jordan Amaker, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lowcountry Local First, to discuss the importance of shopping and promoting local business and farmers. Then everyone takes a small detour to a galaxy far far away.

After a deep dive into local Lowcountry business and agriculture the show goes into hyperspace with a full blown Star Wars geek-fest. Ryan breaks down the numbers and Liz compares the cultures from Luke and Leia to Harry and Hermione. And more then a little jealously is conveyed when our guest reveals she posses tickets to the opening night midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 7! So once again set back, strap in, and prepare for the jump to lightspeed.

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome theme music!


The Force is strong with this episode. (l-r) Jordan Amaker, Ryan Wilcox, Darth Sprague, and Liz Segrist.

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