Episode 26 – Share This! w/ Ryan Johnson

YouberArtThis week the gang is joined by Ryan Johnson, North Charleston deputy economic development director and public relations coordinator. Ryan shares the story of how he forged his own position and came to be a mover and shaker of North Chuck social media and the difference between tourism and business economies.

The remainder of the show is dedicated to the world of sharing, or “collaborative consumption” to be precise. Liz starts the discussion with Uber, Airbnb and the love/hate relationships our community has with them. And Ryan (Wilcox this time) talks about some of the sharing economy businesses that our area has yet to experience, as well as some that don’t yet exist … yet. 

So listen in and learn a thing or two about eating other people’s leftovers while flagging down a potentially drunken seafarer.


(l-r) Andrew (sort of), Liz, Ryan and Ryan Johnson in the studio.

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