Episode 23 – StartUp and Away

StartUpArtThis week the gang breaks down the finer points of being a startup in this day and age. Whether you’re a tech company founder, a cookie dough mastermind or a podcaster, there are pitfalls and perils to all.

Liz shares insights from several local startups on how to rise above the risk of failure and how failure itself is often the catalyst to success. Ryan adds perspective with a trip back to the glory days (and horrors) of the 1990s and the dot-com bubble.

So if you’re ready to launch your next big idea in the field of online-mobile-grocery-delivery/pet-toy-cleaning services, all with a kickass app, THIS is the episode for you. You’ll thank us later (even if your IPO tanks).

CORRECTION: Liz misspoke when quoting ISI Technology. It was PokitDok co-founder Ted Tanner who said this about startups: “It means you walk into a completely empty room and say ‘What if?’ and you start with a completely blank slate and zero money, and you grow it and make history from there.”

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome theme music!



One of the startups we featured, Pueri Elemental, make customizable bop bags. Ryan shows how to relieve some stress with the version of Andy Owens, the Charleston Regional Business Journal managing editor. (Photo/Kim McManus)

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