Episode 21 – Back and Forth w/ Shawnda Poynter

ShowArt_Ep21The gang is joined by Shawnda Poynter, founder and owner of Your Time Personal Assistants, who shares her story and her two cents on Charleston (of the past AND the future). Theories are tossed about as to what the next 40 years may have in store for Charleston and humanity.

Ryan takes us back in time to a land before “Joe” and sheds some light on the nomenclature of the Gaillard Center. He then leaps us forward 80 years to yet another post apocalyptic hellscape. Liz injects a calming moment to ask everyone their one true wish for a bright Charleston future. So sit back and buckle up again because this time we are going back and forth through Charleston.

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome theme music!




(l-r) Ryan Wilcox, Shawnda Poynter, Liz Segrist and Andrew Sprague





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