Episode 17 – Rainy Days and Thursdays

umbrellaAs the rains and floodwaters that overtook the Carolinas recede, the gang shares their thoughts and concerns with those who had to endure so much over the past week. But rather than curse the darkness, they opt to light a candle of comedy.

Liz lets the listeners know whom to contact should they wish to help those in need and what specific aid organizations are focused on. Ryan puts the rains into perspective … sort of, with the facts of mass quantities of precipitation in the Carolinas. And to keep things going out on a upswing, Ryan also brings to light the amazing extent to which one human can say, “you’re it” to another. So sit back, dry off and listen in to this very special episode 17.

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome music!



The S.C. Emergency Management Division lists ways to donate money or goods for S.C. flood victims. Countless fundraisers have been launched on crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe for people lost their homes in the floods. And Bidr launched a text-to-donate fund. Donors can text “scflood” to  843-606-5995 to make a donation of any size to the S.C. chapter of the American Red Cross.

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