Episode 13 – Fear the Evil Oven

Evil-OvenThe gang delves deep into the past and realms of joy. The journey begins with learning about the startups of the past and ends with discussing current aspects of happiness — and how to crank up those good vibes by understanding how you work.

For our baker’s dozen we unveil a BRAND NEW JINGLE! Wait! Finish reading this before you go to the show to listen! Ryan looks back to the origins of National Geographic Magazine and what was HOT in the tech field back then. You’ll never guess that electric transportation and hand-held communication devices make the list.

Liz questions the guys on what kind of work habits makes them happiest — working fast, slow or not at all. And we are enlightened to the fact that crushing boxes makes time stop. Also, check out the newly added “Bios” section at the top of the page. Learn a little more about our three intrepid pod-jockeys.

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome music!

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