Episode 12 – Love’s Laborer’s Lost in America

Episode12ArtFor the 12th installment of the show the gang goes deep to discuss the history of labor in America. Plus the concerns, and potential solutions, to homelessness in Charleston. So gather the kids up to the iPod for another episode of This Should Be A Podcast.

Ryan sharpens his No. 2 Stats Pencil and drops some knowledge on how Labor Day came to be, and what the big jobs were then and now … and what may be next.  Liz shares the City Paper’s proposal for making use of one of Charleston’s best-known addresses to help curb homelessness in the city, while also solving the problem of a pesky piece of real estate. Andrew? He just sits back and lets it all happen, and you can too. So welcome and enjoy. Also, check out the newly added “Bios” section at the top of the page. Learn a little more about our three intrepid pod-jockeys.

And as always big THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of their always awesome music!

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