Episode 1: The Big Boom

BigBoomWhat does Interstate 526, the Sgt. Jasper and Shem Creek’s parking garage have in common with medical marijuana? We’re not sure either, but it’s going to be interesting trying to find out..

This is the inaugural podcast for This Should Be a Podcast from the sand-strewn, disco-balled and coffee-stained offices of the Charleston Regional Business Journal and SC Biz News. Give us your comments, ideas and admonitions below.

You listened to Episode 1: The Big Boom, so now you want more? What’s that about.¬†Okay, clearly we have you locked into our own brand of humor. So here’s some more stuff about that stuff we talked about, and if you’re completely unclear about what this means, click up there and listen to our awesome first episode. You’ll thank us later. (we’ve listened to it like 42 times)

And BIG BIG THANKS to the Big Big Monkeymen for the use of your incredible music!

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